My Story So Far


I see myself as a down to Earth, girl next door kind of person, who loves getting lost in the cosmos. I live and work from Motherwell, in bonnie Scotland. 

I started to really embrace my spiritual journey in 2014 when I began to learn more about myself, and things like the Universe, my Angels and healing. Then I truly started to awaken. 

Since then I've had many ups and downs but thankfully I'm at a place where I can recognise my downs and work with them instead of always allowing them to take over. 

At first I decided I wanted to share my journey with others to inspire, support and guide them. My idea was that if I can help even one person at a time through my journey and what I have learned along the way I'll be winning. 

I then decided that I wanted to step it up a level and got into the world of healing. Various healing modalities have and still do help me in my journey, so much so that I felt it was time to start giving back. 

I have done self development sessions, along with many workshops and courses on subjects varying from Angelic Reiki, Oracle Card Readings, Ribbon Reading, The Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses to Numerology, and so very much more. 

I'm still a work in progress, aren't we all, but I feel I finally know much more about who I really am and why I am here, hence I got into healing. I love learning new things and will continue to travel my journey with gratitude, an open heart and an open mind. 

You can follow me on Instagram at lisa_allan and on my Facebook group Awakening with Love or business page Soulshine Holistics. You can do this by clicking the  links at the bottom of this page. 

What I Want For You


My focus is to help you heal, relax and de-stress, although there is so much more that you can get from these treatments and as everyone is different I look forward to working with you and discovering how I can support you on your journey. 

Through my treatments I want to bring you a feeling of love, peace, contentment and happiness. 

I have a lot of love in my heart and I want to use it to help lift my vibration, the vibration of those around me and the Universe.