Important Information



April 2019

Hey everyone

I've been doing a lot of thinking over the last wee while and I've decided to make changes and add some new things with regards to my treatments as follows:

Reductions to price of Angelic Reiki and Colour Healing Therapy 

Removing two of the add ons (Hopi Ear Candling and Ribbon Reading) 

Introduce special offers

Offer Mini Oracle Card Readings via Messenger, Email or WhatsApp

I am looking at other treatment courses that I'm interested in and hopefully I'll be adding more treatments between this year and next.

From now instead of me putting on when I am available to do treatments anyone who is looking for a treatment can get in touch and we can arrange a day and time that's suitable for both of us.

Please keep an eye out for offers and just drop me a wee message if you are looking to get booked in.

Look forward to working with new and old clients on your healing journey x x x x

July 2018

I had said that I was looking to do more for my clients to give your visits a more personal touch.

At the start of each session after the consultation / catch up we will do a short grounding / protection exercise, this will help you to be connected and protected during your treatment.

On your first visit we will work out your Soul Colour (this is normally only done during Colour Healing Therapy) and you can choose a gemstone / crystal that relates to it, I will give you  information on it to take home with you.

At the end of each Healing session I will also get you to draw an Oracle Card from a deck which I will read for you and you will take that home with you also.

I felt this would be something that you would all appreciate and give your treatments a bit of a more personal touch.

June 2018

I now have appointments available, please get in touch to get booked in.  

I have decided I want more for my clients when they come to visit me, I want to make the experience as personal and thoughtful as possible. Working on a few ideas so watch this space for updates. 


Each person will get a discount on their first visit of 瞿5 off a Main Treatment and a free Add On.


Please be aware that no complementary therapy should be considered as an alternative to professional medical advice where necessary and no properly qualified complementary therapist would suggest that, neither would they suggest that you stop taking your medication etc. 

If you are taking medication you should consult the prescribing professional before you stop taking it.

In accordance with UK Law, I must state as with all psychic readings, spiritual and oracle card readings are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee can be given as to accuracy.